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Buy 1 at Double Price, Get 1 Free

Glass Bottle Cutter Tool

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Got plenty of old bottles lying around the place? Then do more with them than turn them into an impromptu instrument with this glass bottle cutter.

Form impromptu vases, give yourself access to an easy way to recycle old glass or just get creative in any way that you wish.

This is a durable and strong glass cutter than do all the hard work for you. made from a non-rust steel, the plastic body is used to help make sure that you can easily create cups and the like with a few simple twists. The perfect choice for getting a bit more artistic! 

  • Simple to line – just adjust the cutter, cut the line needed, heat and cool the line and then smooth it with some sandpaper – voila!
  • Strong and sturdy for years of usage without any problems.
  • The perfect choice for smart and simplistic bottle management.
  • Great for recycling or for those who want to avoid having excesses of bottles lying around the place.

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