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The Best FM tuner lets you choose from the wide range of free music, talk shows, sports, stories, morning talking, podcast, weather forecast, traffic, and another programming projector screen. best Projection Clock   White LED display is easy to read from anywhere in the whole house, can also operate brightness settings to adjust the display to fit for your personal preference. Best Projection Clock is to Adjust proper brightness as you desire, once you go to bed, you could switch the display brightness from High-Medium-Low. High-speed USB charging compatible with all smartphones, mobile phones & mp3 players. This product features convenient dual alarms. Each alarm function could be set independently, wake to buzzer or radio.

  • Dual Alarms with Snooze: Digital alarm clock radio can be easily set two separate wake times, wake you and your partner at the desired time with the favorite radio station or a buzzer. Dual alarm with snooze button allows you to suspend the alarm temporarily & catch a little extra nap.
  • Time projection: Projection alarm clock get with 90-degree rotary knob & 180-degree swivel projection enables you to project the time virtually onto your walls or ceiling in any direction you want, means you’ll never have to view time from clock display or roll over to view the time again. Get Projection Clock
  • FM Radio & Sleep Timer: FM alarm clock radio with a telescopic antenna for optimum signal enables you to reach your favorite stations from the wide range of free programming and you can save up to 10 stations for quick and easy access. Alarm clock with sleep timer allows you to fall asleep to your favorite radio program.
  • Large LED Display & Adjustable Brightness: Projector alarm clock with curved screen offers a large, crystal clear 2" blue LED display, which is easy to read from anywhere in the whole house. Alarm clock with an adjustable brightness control enables you to set brighter in daytime and softer at night.
  • Battery Backup System: AC powered for functions of radio, alarm and time display, the clock radio requires a CR2032 lithium battery (not included) to ensures the memory of all settings during a power outage. This item is not only a clock radio but a charging station to charge a mobile device like your cell phone or tablet. affordable Projection Clock.

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 12/24 hour system Battery Backup: 1x CR2032 Lithium Battery. Main Power by the External power supply. FM Radio Frequency: 87.5 MHz - 108 MHz, FM Memory Presets: 10 Station Presets Snooze Duration: 5 to 60 minutes Sleep Timer: 5 min/10 min/15 min/30 min/45 min/60 min/75 min/90 min. Available Projection Range: 0.5-3M Optimal Projection Range: 2-3M Package Included: 1x Projection Alarm Clock, 1x User Manual. Special instructions: watch usually in the bedroom when the light is dark, use the time in the ceiling, so as to lie on the bed, see the time at any time.

Type: Alarm Clocks
Length: 170mm
Width: 40mm
Style: Europe
Motivity Type: Digital
Diameter: 170mm
Shape: Square
Screen Type: LED
Display Type: Digital
Model Number: 35246
Weight: 450g
Material: Plastic
Form: Single Face
Function: Projection