Buy 1 at Double Price, Get 1 Free

Buy 1 at Double Price, Get 1 Free

Voted #1 Best Mini GPS Tracker | Get Mini Portable GPS Tracker

The Best mini portable gps tracker is designed for advanced tracking/monitoring specifically for vehicle tracking using GPS, GSM and GPRS technology.
The GPS tracker is designed for use in any vehicle to track their location, such as caravans, boats, motorhomes, trucks, vans and construction machinery and many more - live tracking possibilities are limitless.
It is particularly useful if your vehicle, pets, child or your belongings have been stolen.
Time to enjoy the benefits this GPS tracker brings!


  • This tracking devices apply the newest technology with the following advantages: small size, long standby life, simple operation, stable functions, and convenient installation. It is widely used for household monitoring; children, the elder
  • Get mini portable gps tracker, Best for Kids, Valuables, Employees and Fleets, Real-Time Locations, Waterproof Covert Magnetic Real Time GPS Tracker for Personal Vehicle Asset and Fleet Location Tracking, GPS tracker for vehicles, GPS tracker for a kid
  • Small shell; easy to hide; ideal for tracking vehicles; teenagers; spouses; seniors or assets regardless of the alarm locator on the car; children's schoolbag; old man's pocket; valuables bags; can be given to the alarm locator by mobile phone Send SMS commands for mobile phones; check the location of the alarm locator
  •   Facilitate your full monitoring; real-time mastery of the target's internal two magnets; easy to attach/absorb to the vehicle; no additional installation required; compact size can be attached On the vehicle or on the belt; or into the backpack; the child is in danger; press the SOS button to ask for help; to avoid accidents; convenient.
  • 100% brand-new and high quality. Portable Mini Real-Time GPS Tracker for Vehicles, Cars, Kids, Persons, Assets - Hidden Tracking Device, GPS Tracker for Seniors, School Age Kids, Travel, Personal Safety 2G and 3G and Wi-Fi Indoor Tracking Shockproof Water Resistant Built-in SIM Free Smartphone App, GPS tracker for vehicles, GPS tracker for kids, GPS tracker, kids GPS tracker watch, car GPS tracker, kids GPS tracker, mini GPS tracker, child GPS tracker, vehicle tracker, GPS kid.
  • SOS Emergency call: Edit the content of messages capital letters"SOS" to alarm, directly press the key SOS above three seconds after the success of setting, the alarm will directly call the setting number. And the indicator will flash.
  • Sound control dialing: use mobile phones or fixed-line to get through SIM card number in the alarm, hang up the machine when hearing the sound of the machine about 3 seconds, and that means it sets up successfully. When there is a sound above 45 DB within 10 meters around the alarm, the call will automatically make call number which you set before.
  • Affordable Price in mini portable gps tracker.


 Mini portable gps tracker is Small size, long standby life, simple operation, stable functions, and convenient installation. Main Function: GPS/GSM dual position, Real-time tracking, Voice surveillance, SOS, Auto Track, support location triggered by authorized cell phone, Movement alert, Overspend alert. Power on: open the back cover, put the SIM card into the seats, then it is automatically power on. When booting, the indicator will light for 10 seconds, after the indicator is off, cover the back cover then it can be used.

GPS type: GPS Tracker
Battery Life: 30 Hours & Up
Gps Module: Yes
Voltage: 5V
Item Size: 35*20*14
Out Power: AC110-220V 50/60Hz
Special Feature: Remote Control
Screen Size: 2 To 2.9 Inches
GPS Geographic Location: Europe
Water Resistant: nothing
The external power supply form: charger
Interface text: In English
Antenna type: Built-in
Battery Type: lithium battery
Alarm: SOS alarm
Outline size: 35*20*14
battery life: 144
map function: have
type: Pickup positioner